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"the fish can eat a lion, the fish can eat a lion, the fish can eat a lion, the fish can eat a lion"

out of focus
help with your focus
When you think about it--

the virgin will spend some of the day in the water
even if there are crabs
and my evil twin

when i have regrets i'm at the bar
the oxygen bar

i'm concentrated with regrets
know thyself but i want to know two people
the scales of karma will turn tears into
a new designer drug

the archer wanted to bring him home
but kill with bare hands
i said
love with your bare hands
in the light
out of focus

ram a new designer drug to test market the virgin
fully know thyself what a load of bullshite

my evil twin
will love with your bear heart carrier

the water can drown you and overwhelm you
everything is larger than it appears
out of focus

got a sting of the scorpion
the morning blend
the coffee wasn't that strong
so i ate my evil twin

an appetite for the supernatural
an unsolvable mystery
the fish can eat a lion
robert stack once affirm
godet! godet! godet!
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