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Hi everyone

Im new in here :)

I thought i would just start out and say what a great idea it is to have a place where you can share your thoughts, i know many of you probably do that in your journals, i know i do in mine :) I like the idea that i can share some of them with a bunch of people who are just as idealistic as me, although now im trying to balance it with realism its a hard thing to do though, especially since sometimes all you want to do is give into your emotions and act impulsively.. :)

I am just going to cut a small paragraph from my journal.. that i felt would probably apply to this community :)

"My inner self is very much in tune, with memories, passion, music, idealisms, these can arouse emotions that will threaten at times to flood the banks of concious behaviour, I know with such conviction that these will never disappear, or even fade with age, no sepia toned pictures for me."
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