raquel (verybestfriend) wrote in dreamadayaway,

happy ladies

hello ladies this makes your mouths turn red deep red sometimes purple but you can opt for the lighter colors like the ones that dont turn your mouths different colors so this can be your deepest darkest secret cause face it when someone asks you what your deepest darkest secret is you dont really know what to say. oh wait. i know i know just what and when your lips are chapped and theres dead skin hanging then youll know if its purple or red or not it can be not just as easily.

i type fast so soft and fluidly look at me type of you cant see it no no and if you were looking i wouldnt type like this id be nervouse a bit and not doing what i can do, doing just a little less cause im clumbsy when you can see and especially if you can see me.

i am building up a resiliance i am climbing stairs instead of taking elevators i am climbing and running and power walking and walking fast hurry hurry working my muscles not working out but i am becoming fit for my environment ready to run at a moments notice if i need be running for when the store is closing but by the time you get there it will be already closed.

who is that thumping on the floor above me and sometimes the person below me wonders the same and motherfucker its me me me i am the one thumping above you and there your problem is solved but we still have me to worry about because i still dont know.
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