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I'm new here to you all at least.

I found this cozy little community while trying to find some place to cross post my new community dreamersdesire . Quick info about the community:

I wanted a place where people could share their hopes, dreams, goals, desires, fantasies, happy endings, fairytales....happy parts of there lives or the bad so that others can encourage if they want.

I hope that this will be a beneficial community to its users and be an all around encouragement not only to its members and watchers but to those who aren't regulars and stumble upon it on a bad day and walk away with some encouragement. This world isn't that great and I'm not trying to create an escape but rather bring something good to it.

What you guys have going here is great. Sorry that I don't have anything too exciting to say right now but please check out my new community!

Oh and while I'm away, dream a little dream...
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